November 1st, 2019.

The International Dirt Bike Show upped sticks for 2019 and moved to a new venue at Stafford Showground, with an earlier-than-traditional date in September.

The show’s organising team at Mortons Events decreed the move to be a necessary one in order to make a break from what had become something of a stagnant affair. Naturally, when significant changes are made to something that has become ‘the norm’ there will be always be consequences. Taking into consideration feedback from exhibitors, the trade and the ever-enthusiastic off-roading public, Mortons has announced further changes to the Dirt Bike Show for 2020.

The annual off-road event will return to Stafford Showground, and over a two-day weekend, but in order to allow the off-road race season to settle down, it will be held at a later date of Saturday the 31st of October and Sunday the 1st of November.

Responding to criticisms of the show being a little smaller than expected, next year’s Show will branch out into three additional halls to enable all traders to exhibit under cover. There will also be a new layout, better signage, and plans are in hand to build an enduro track at the event. In other news, and in further support of the show, Yamaha has already confirmed that it will return in 2020.

For more information about exhibiting at the 2020 International Dirt Bike Show contact Andy Catton on 01507 529594.

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