May 2nd, 2019.

With many of the Euro 4 50cc 4T scooters being heavily restrained in performance by the new regulations, Italian tuning specialist Malossi is constantly developing new parts for those machines. The latest products available from VE (UK) add a cylinder kit and ECU for the Piaggio and Vespa 50cc iGet Euro 4 2018 onwards machines.

Malossi 80cc cylinder kit (VM317771): The new 80cc cylinder kit is manufactured from an aluminium alloy with a high content of silicon which has been machined on high precision CNC machines with a tolerance of just 0.05mm. Technical features include, recalculated heat exchange surfaces for more efficient cooling, ultra-compact lightened and reinforced piston kit, and low-friction piston rings. The cylinder kit must be used in conjunction with the Injtronic ECU (VM558409).

Malossi Injtronic ECU (VM558409): The Injtronic ECU must be fitted alongside the Malossi 80cc cylinder kit which allows the scooter’s fuel system to be corrected for the larger capacity cylinder, as well as raising the rev limit by 1000rpm.

Models covered by the above parts:
Piaggio: Liberty 50 iGet 2018>, Zip 50 iGet 2018>
Vespa: Primavera 50 iGet 2018>, Sprint 50 iGet 2018>

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