November 2nd, 2018.

The Arenacross Tour is on a roll. The world’s best indoor Motocross racers and Freestyle MX athletes are lining up and itching to be a part of the 2019 Tour.

Whilst the stars of the show are undoubtedly the ones ‘doing the business’ both on the perfectly-sculpted, man-made, multi-tonne dirt track, and some 40-to-60-foot above the arena floor, there are many building blocks that make Arenacross successful.

Amongst many facets, it is often the supporters and invaluable partners of the Tour that make the difference. When several high-profile, blue-chip companies encompass the likes of the Arenacross Tour within their extensive marketing plans, it’s a clear indication that Arenacross presents those brands with unique opportunities to engage with end-users in a meaningful way.

On this front, WD-40 returns to the Arenacross arena and is proud to associate its brand with the fastest-growing action-sports family show in the UK. It will join the 2019 Tour as the official lubricants partner.

WD-40 has been solving maintenance problems for over 65 years with its Multi-Use Product which is trusted the world over. However, there’s now a range of products, WD-40 Specialist Motorbike, specially designed and formulated for best in class performance for maintaining motorcycles, which riders will be putting to the test when competing as part of this years Arenacross Tour.

Commenting on the new liaison, WD-40’s Head of Marketing David Whittome said; “This official partnership opportunity allows the WD-40 brand to be an integral part of a series of high adrenaline, action-packed, stadium events where audiences come to be entertained and where performance is everything.

“We’ll be supporting riders with our WD-40 Specialist Motorbike range, a fantastic line up of products that deliver best in class solutions to optimise performance and minimise those margins of error, which ultimately makes the difference between losing and winning! This is an excellent programme to be part of and we very much look forward to engaging more with enthusiasts over the calendar of events.”

ASL’s Matt Bates added; “It’s great to see WD-40 returning as a partner to Arenacross next year and I can’t thank them enough for showing faith in our series. I’m sure there will be plenty of brand activities going on throughout the live events, but I’m equally pleased to see that WD-40 will be creating some interesting offers to our MCF licence holders too.”

For Arenacross information check out www.arenacrossuk.com

For WD-40 information visit www.wd40.co.uk