July 26th, 2019.

The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) has published the results of a Brightside Insurance study of 16 prominent UK cities that found the Welsh capital Cardiff is the worst place to live as a motorbike owner, due to several factors identified through data analysis.

The city that came out on top was Coventry – the midlands city proved best in terms of the least hours stuck in traffic per year, and scored highly in the rainfall, average speed limit and petrol pricing categories.

The data was collected from numerous sources – certain sets were averaged out per capita to create an even comparison – this included data sets such as vehicle theft in areas and average road accidents per year. Each city was given a ranking score from one to 16 for each of the unique data sets investigated. The city with the most points on average came out victorious, whilst the least points indicated the least desirable place to live as a motorcyclist.

Cardiff was cited as the motorbike owner’s worst nightmare due to a number of factors. The city was the lowest scoring for both rainfall per year, and lack of bike clubs. In the UK many bike owners are familiar with rain and experience increased stopping distances and slippery surfaces. Rain can also cause reduced visibility. It was reported that almost 3,000 people were killed or seriously injured when driving in the rain in 2016. Another factor that lost the city points was the number of motorbike clubs in the area. Cardiff only has four motorbike clubs according to data from Whilst a motorcycle club is not always a massive priority on a motorbike owner’s checklist, many riders do prefer the opportunity to socialise with other like-minded people. Whilst Cardiff did score relatively higher for vehicle thefts and petrol prices, it was still set back by the city’s low scores for motorbike test pass rates and average road accidents per year.

Unsurprisingly, Greater London was the second lowest scoring city in the research, with an average score of 6.1. Not only are drivers stuck for longest in traffic per year, the average speed limit is also the lowest, and it scored the worst for road traffic accidents.

Source: NMDA newsletter