September 1st, 2020.

Oxford’s Aqua bags are one of the easiest ways to get gear from A to B on a motorcycle, safe and dry.

They are manufactured from a tough PVC tarpaulin, which is welded to form waterproof seams. When straps are added to perform essential functions - such as securing the bag onto a motorcycle - Oxford uses innovative construction techniques to further reinforce the bag whilst ensuring complete waterproofing.

The latest generation of Oxford’s acclaimed Aqua luggage now offers a choice of four useful tail bag sizes - from commuter 20-litre, through ‘short-trip’ 30-litre, to ‘epic voyage’ 70-litre (pictured) versions – plus a range of backpacks.

Browse the Aqua luggage range at

Oxford's B2B website makes online ordering even easier for trade customers. To register CLICK HERE, then click Login at the top right corner of the screen and then Register for a B2B login.

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