October 20th, 2022.

The EURO 5 cable connects the diagnostic device to the latest Euro 5 OBD 6 pin connector. Link to Injectors, O2 sensors etc. Previously motorcycle manufacturers were directed to reduce levels of emissions to comply with Euro 4. There was a bit of backlash at the time, but the line was toed.

As of January 2020, bikes, scooters and quads must meet Euro 5 as a new minimum. Are you in a position to make the most of servicing this new technology?

Euro 5 sets a further reduction of pollutants by around 30%, requiring engines to be managed more stringently. These changes will bring higher production costs in both design and manufacture. Bikes will undoubtedly suffer these problems as designers are forced to adapt their designs without limiting their capabilities or aesthetics. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the motorcycle workshop and industry. Cleaner machines will make them more attractive to consumers. Electrical alternatives are still in their infancy, so bike shops need to take on board developments and be prepared.

Euro 5 diagnostics can be accessed through a common OBD plug. The major diagnostic manufacturers; Bosch, Motorscan etc, provide robust cables to interface with their devices. Of course there will be a forest of companies offering cheaper alternatives with scant support. We all know the maxim 'buy cheap buy twice' (at least). In the world of electronics, analysis and compliance, this is even more significant. Using equipment that has been designed within strict specification guidelines is ignored at your peril.

List Price £115 call for trade prices now.

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