February 3rd, 2023.

Can you ‘fire and rehire’ your staff if they won’t accept a change to their contractual terms? While negotiation should always be your first approach to changing the contractual terms of your staff, there are times when it doesn’t work.

In the most basic example, if you move offices, you need to consult with employees about the move and their new work location. If your employment contracts are properly written you will have a contractual right to change the work location for each employee, but in practice, that doesn’t mean that everyone can or wants to change location.

You need to consult with staff, and this may be individual or group consultation depending on the numbers involved. This consultation will need to lay out the business case for the move and all other factors which you have taken into account when considering the move. You need to allow sufficient time for a meaningful consultation, where you genuinely listen to the feedback from the affected employees and seek ways to avoid the need for the change, in this case an office move.

The impact on each employee needs to be...

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