March 9th, 2023.

Fulbat, a France-based company distributed by Bickers, is a leading force in the battery business, present in both replacement and OEM markets. Founded in 2005, Fulbat is constantly developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling lead acid batteries, gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries and battery chargers.

Fulbat’s all-new Lithium range is designed to offer the ultimate riding experience. Now equipped with an integrated Battery Management System and LCD battery tester, the Lithium range offers higher capacity, very high CCA and a safer solution. Ready to use and with ultra-lightweight conception, this LiFePO4 range will ensure extreme starting performance, very low self-discharge and extreme cycle life. Ideal for the most demanding riders. Delivered with foam spacers that can be stacked and attached to the battery, this range can replace multiple lead acid battery models and provide safe mounting. From 120A to 900A cold cranking performance, the14 battery models cover the majority of powersports applications.

Fulbat’s GEL battery range is designed to offer maximum performance and safety. Ready to use, GEL batteries will not require any acid handling, initial preparation or maintenance. The non-spillable design, (VRLA), linked to its high performance, makes it the ideal battery for all powersports. The GEL FitHD models are high capacity reinforced batteries designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles. With specific terminals and battery case, these batteries offer maximum vibration resistance.

With specialist technical knowledge and experience, Fulbat is able to design new innovative battery solutions to meet and exceed expectations.

Official supplier for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Fulbat offers an exhaustive range of starter batteries, including Dry, MF, Gel and Lithium, covering a full range of motorcycle and powersport applications. Fulbat products are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Fulbat has already gained a large global presence that supplies world-leading manufacturers; AJP, Aprilia, Brough Superior, Kymco, MV Augusta, OHVALE, Peugeot, Piaggio, Yamaha and YCF.

To view the full Fulbat range available from Bickers visit www.bickers-online.co.uk, or call 01394 604040, or contact your local Area Sales Manager for more information.
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