May 16th, 2022.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has outlined how the Government will introduce legislation that will make provisions for a new ‘low speed, zero emission vehicle category’ that will be independent from cycle and motor vehicle categories. This is intended to create new rules that will help improve safety, and crack down on illegal use of e-scooters.

Alfie Brierley, the MCIA’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs said; “New powers will allow government to decide which vehicles fall into this new category in the future and how they should be regulated to make sure they are safe to use. The primary benefit of this is that the new framework would be more adaptable, enabling regulations to keep up with this fast-moving sector and evolving user behaviours.

“As per Action 1 in our Action Plan: A review of existing L-Category vehicle regulation, including assessing the potential for a new vehicle category, this is a hugely positive development, but only the start. Clarity of product regulation must be designed in a way that provides clear direction to industry, providing confidence for existing suppliers to develop new products and attracting additional entrants to the sector.

“Following a meeting the MCIA had with DfT’s Head of Micromobility last week, it was confirmed to us that the Bill’s timeline for publication is yet to be finalised, but is likely to be later this year (subject to parliamentary timetabling). Alongside this, DfT will also consult with the wider industry on what the regulations should look like for this new vehicle category, including roundtables and stakeholder workshops.

“This means that no final decisions about regulations have been made, nor will they be until such point that the Transport Bill becomes law. The MCIA will continue to work with officials and politicians in this space and will keep the industry updated as and when we know more about the contents of the Bill and what regulations might be proposed over the coming months, to ensure they work in the best interests of our sector.”
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