September 7th, 2022.

Scorpion Exhausts has given the latest Honda Rebel the special Scorpion treatment so riders can now fit their 2020-2022 Honda Rebel with one of its precision-engineered products.

Scorpion offers a half-system constructed from premium T304 stainless steel pipework. Installation of the new dyno-developed system requires no changes to the standard settings, doesn't require a remap and the OE system does not require cutting for installation, This allows a straightforward installation by the consumer when using the provided fitting kit. They simply fit and ride!

The options listed below allow riders to tailor their bike's aesthetics with Scorpion's choice of silencer finishes to maintain peak performance on the road and in the eyes of onlookers.

Scorpion is currently offering two styles of Red Power finish to compliment the Rebel's appearance, either Black Ceramic or Brushed Stainless Steel.

Once fitted, riders will be able to indulge in the more appealing Scorpion tone with a much deeper, sportier acoustic range.

The very best of British

British manufacturing is not only highly desired by your customers, British engineering standards are also your guarantee of quality and ensure product issues and returns are kept to an absolute minimum - Good for your customer; great for your business. As a show of confidence, all Scorpion products are offered with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Easy to fit
With detailed fitting instructions included in the box, the Honda system is a quick and simple system to fit either you or your customer. The estimated fitting time is 60 minutes.

Scorpion's bespoke B2B site allows for an easy-to-order experience. Get notified of new releases, check current stock levels, monitor sales data, plus much more, all from one easy-to-use portal.

Contact: Scorpion Redpower
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