September 12th, 2023.

The Maxxis’ championship-winning motocross tyre, the MaxxCross MX-ST+, has again been selected as original equipment for the 2024 GASGSAS motocross bikes, while the 2024 GASGAS enduro range, including the EC 450F
and EC 500F models, will feature the championship-winning enduro tyre, the MaxxEnduro.

Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST+ is a championship-winning, race specification motocross tyre designed to provide ultimate
performance on mid-soft terrain with an enhanced structure for longevity across a wide variety of motocross terrains. Sizes are available for mini through to large motocross bikes.
The EnduroGP-winning MaxxEnduro tyre pair is made up of a nimble, precise front tyre, designed to offer an enhanced
handling experience for ultimate rider control. The rear tyre is a reliable 140/80-18 tyre made up of sharp, chunky tread blocks for a large contact patch on sheer  surfaces such as rocks, with effective bite into looser surfaces. Combined, this pair of tyres offer the perfect enduro riding experience, providing full control, traction and effective cornering to both professional and hobby enduro riders.

Maxxis is proud to continue the OE deal with GASGAS, who have worked hard to bring the very best bikes to the market for 2024.

Tyres are an incredibly important part of translating power and agility to the ground. The quality of Maxxis tyres has been proven in several championships and GASGAS recognize this and choose Maxxis based on the ability to maximise the performance of their bikes.

Bickers plc is the sole UK distributor of Maxxis Tyres. For further information visit
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