October 7th, 2020.

Tyre brand Maxxis is working closely with its UK-based motorcycle tyre distributor and supplier of aftermarket parts and accessories, Bickers, to put the SuperMaxx range under the spotlight.

The SuperMaxx range from Maxxis has been around for many years. However, according to Bickers, there are several factors that set it apart from the other options on the market.

Maxxis is a manufacturer of high-quality tyres at an affordable price, and the SuperMaxx range reflects this. This range was developed to offer the highest possible standard in motorcycle tyres, across a series of disciplines aimed at ensuring the road rider’s needs are met.

The latest tyre in the range is the SuperMaxx ST. A sport touring tyre with the emphasis on ‘sport’. A series of positive user reviews are being promoted via digital advertising to riders all over the country who fall within a sports touring audience, thus increasing awareness of these tyres and creating demand for them via Maxxis dealers.

The eye-catching SuperMaxx Diamond is the next tyre in the range. Featuring a unique shoulder pattern and a steep design, this tyre provides nimble handling, outstanding wet grip, and a smooth descent into any apex. Designed as a hard-compound wet-or-dry sport touring tyre, it provides grip and high mileage.

Finally, the SuperMaxx Touring, a tyre designed for long-distance riders or commuters looking for something comfortable loaded or unloaded, with dry and wet grip and a long-lasting tread. This tyre is available in a range of sizes, and is popular with road-going adventure and touring bikes.

Maxxis is running a consumer giveaway promotion for one set of tyres, as well as running digital marketing campaigns which can be localised to support stockists of the products.

The SuperMaxx range covers a number of front and rear sizes, from 130/70R16 to 120/70R17 fronts, and 150/70R17 to 200/50R17 rears.

Bickers is offering a 5% discount to all Motorcycle Trader trade readers redeemable at The discount covers every product category within the Bickers range on orders of over £20 placed prior to the 24th of December 2020. Enter MCT5 at the checkout to apply the discount.

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