December 13th, 2019.

Following the announcement of yesterday's General Election results, the Motorcycle Industry Association issued the following release;

MCIA, the UK trade association for the supply side of the £7billion L-Category, Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry congratulates the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on gaining a majority in yesterday’s General Election.

The industry, which encompasses two, three and light four-wheeled vehicles, welcomes the end of a long period of relative stagnation on policy making which marked the last two years of minority government rule. This has made it difficult for business to undertake long term planning decisions and important matters such as Brexit have been subject to huge uncertainty. This has been especially difficult given that the PLV industry has needed to make investment decisions at a time when vehicles are evolving towards zero emissions. Decisions on long term transport policy planning, where PLVs are fundamental, have also been difficult to reach, although MCIA has been delighted with the positive response from Government departments and individual Ministers to its PLV strategy ‘The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys’.

MCIA Chief Executive Tony Campbell said “We particularly welcome the end of the recent Parliamentary stasis and look forward to a refreshed Parliament taking the decisions needed in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This will allow manufacturers and other businesses to enact their Brexit plans and move forward.

“We have also noted key points in the Conservative manifesto which focus on energising the zero emissions vehicle sector, particularly commitments in the area of technology and innovation, plus investment in fast charging. MCIA calls on the new Government to include the PLV industry fully within future policies and initiatives, so that the opportunities for transport, mobility and local businesses that PLVs offer can be fully realised, as we move towards zero carbon transport.”

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