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January – February 2015


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Driving licence to go card-only

DVLA to phase out paper licence in favour of photocard

From 8th June 2015, the driving licence counterpart

will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA.

The counterpart (or D740) was introduced in 1998,

alongside the photocard driving licence, in order to display

information that could not be included on the photocard,

such as provisional driving entitlement categories and

current endorsements/penalty points. This information will

be held on DVLA’s driver record and available to check


Photocard licence-holders are advised to destroy the

counterpart once the 8th June deadline has passed (keeping

the photocard, of course). Paper driving licence holders

(issued before 1998) will remain valid, and should not

be destroyed. Upon updating a paper driving licence, a

photocard only will be issued.

‘You’re never too good’ – bikers agree

THINK! evaluation reveals positive response to latest campaign

The THINK! campaign has carried out an evaluation of its

latest road safely videos. ‘Never too good’ comprised a series

of films featuring Chaz Davies, World Superbike rider, and

comedian Alan Davies undergoing further training alongside

a group of eight regular riders.

The campaign ran from mid-August until late-October

and attracted more than 466,000 views on YouTube. Of

the 500 riders who responded with their thoughts on the

campaign, 66 per cent liked the style of the videos and 45

per cent said they made further training look like fun.

Sixty per cent agreed strongly that further training can

improve defensive riding skills and reduce the risk of having

an accident; 62 per cent agreed that, no matter how good

or experienced you are, there is always more to learn about


Meanwhile, 43 per cent of those who recognised the

campaign said they had signed up to further training as a

result of seeing the videos.

Victoria Judd, THINK! motorcycling campaign manager,

said: “Never too good was well received and appears to have

influenced attitudes and intentions among some bikers to

take further training.

“While to date this has not translated into actual

sign-ups among the main training providers, this could be

because the campaign ran in late summer and continued

into autumn when many bikers begin taking their bikes off

the road.”

For more information about the THINK! campaign, visit