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January – February 2015

Highways Agency reforms afoot

A new bill currently being put before parliament

provides the legal framework for the government’s

£15bn ‘Road investment strategy’ and includes major

reforms to the Highways Agency. If the bill is passed,

the Highways Agency will become a government-

owned company, which could save the taxpayer at least

£2.6bn over the next 10 years, it is estimated.

The Highways Agency will be replaced with Highways

England from April 2015, and will be responsible for

delivering over 100 new road schemes between now

and the end of next parliament.

Dartford crossing goes non-stop

The Dartford Crossing has been equipped with a new

electronic payment system so that motorists no longer

have to stop at a toll booth to pay their charge. Under

the new system, motorcyclists will continue to use the

crossing free of charge. The crossing will remain toll-

free for all vehicles every night, from 10pm to 6am.

Honda wings its way to 300m

Honda Motor Co. reached its 300m-unit milestone in

September 2014. The company held a ceremony at its

Kumamoto production plant in Japan to celebrate the

300-millionth machine produced, a Gold Wing 40th

Anniversary Edition. Last year was Honda’s 66th year

of production, which began in 1949 with the Dream


‘What’ll it do, Mister?’ 122mpg,


Fuel-economy enthusiast ekes out winning

range from CG125

A motorcycle developed by enthusiasts for a fuel-economy

contest has achieved 122mpg. The Institute of Advanced

Motorists’ (IAM) London Advanced Motorcyclists’ annual

economy run is titled ‘What Will It Do Mister?’

The idea was the brainchild of long-standing member

Andrew Craster, and the run has been staged every year since

2009. The group has some strict guidelines about how the

economy run is conducted – everyone must ride to IAM test

standards, must not impede other road users and keep to all

road safety rules and guidelines. The route set by London

Advanced Motorcyclists took in nearly 60 miles of varied

conditions including A and B roads, busy town centres and

rural sections.

The winning rider was the group’s observer Peter

Gibbons, who achieved 122.9.mpg on his Honda CG125.

Runner-up was Peter Raynham on a Honda NC750X with

101.8mpg, with Dave Wilkins on a Honda C90 taking the

final ‘podium’ spot on a Honda C90 with 98.9mpg. Next

up were Eddie Wright on a Yamaha RX100 on 90.1mpg and

Alice Dryden on a Honda Integra with 90.2mpg.

For more information on London Advanced

Motorcyclists, visit


Ultrasonic cleaning on the south


New high-volume facility opens for business

in Chichester

Ultrasonic cleaners have been around since the Fifties, and

are now common in the bike trade for the cleaning of small

parts, cables, carbs, hoses, etc. This means of cleaning is

probably best known, though, for use on carbs and fuel

injectors, with which accessibility can be tricky.

Marlin Environmental Services is an established

specialist cleaning contractor, environmental consultancy

and engineering service. As part of the expansion of its

maintenance and engineering services, it has recently

installed an industrial-sized, 4,000-litre Ultrasonic Cleaning

tank at its head office site in Chichester Marina.

This facility caters for volume cleaning requirements and

larger components such as complete engines, cylinder heads,

wheels, footrest assemblies, handlebars and exhausts - even

complete frames and swingarms.


and click on the Ultrasonic

Cleaning link. Call Simon Evans on 01243 513657 or email

for further information.