May 30th, 2024.

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) NMC has today launched an important campaign which aims to put motorcycling on the map in parliamentary constituencies in advance of the General Election.

A ‘Motorcycling Matters’ manifesto and campaign website has been created by the NMC’s members, which sets out in simple terms what motorcyclists need the post-election Government to deliver for motorcycling. It presents a manifesto for a positive vision for the future of transport and the role of motorcycling within this. There are seven key themes:

1. Transport Choice: Bringing motorcycling into the mainstream of transport policy

2. The introduction of improved and simplified licensing, training and testing

3. Safer roads for riding, tackling potholes and proper investment in motorcycle safety.

4. Adoption of a “technology neutral” approach to decarbonisation, preserving rider choice.

5. Default access to all bus lanes, continued free parking and protecting motorcycle access to the full road network, including sealed and green roads.

6. Ensuring greater recognition of and support for the UK motorcycle sports sector.

7. Recognition of the cultural importance of the classic bike sector and protection for the UK’s motorcycling heritage.

Motorcycling is a key part of the future of transport. If supported by government, it will foster social mobility, quality of life, economic growth and improved safety. The choices riders make about the bikes they want to ride, plus how and where they want to enjoy motorcycling, also needs to be protected.

This is a campaign where every rider can make a difference. The NMC and its members are calling for all motorcyclists to be a part of shaping the views of the election candidates from the parties who are standing in their local constituency. Riders are urged to ask candidates to sign a ‘Pledge’ to support motorcycling.

The campaign website contains the manifesto, details about how riders can get involved and a page where election candidates can pledge support.

NMC Executive Director Craig Carey-Clinch said: “The forthcoming General Election is probably the most important for motorcycling in a generation. We face a situation where, like 1997, all political parties have everything to play for. With a strong likelihood of a change in Government, there is now a real opportunity to reshape the narrative and thinking around motorcycling and send a clear message to candidates about what riders need from a new government.

“We urge all riders to support the campaign and help to make a real difference for motorcycling both locally and nationally.”
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