November 20th, 2020.

R&G, the Hampshire-based motorcycle crash protection specialist, has recently added several new T3 products to the Denali range of high-performance motorcycle electronic accessories it distributes.

The innovative T3 is claimed to be the brightest and most versatile switchback turn-signal on the market. It blends white visibility lighting, red brake lighting, and amber turn-signal lighting into one modular system.

The new products include;
>Modular Switchback Signal Pods for the rear and front of the machine.
>Crashbar Mounting Kit.
>Licence Plate Mounting Kit.

The front T3 turn-signal pods feature super bright white running lights that switch to amber when the turn signal is activated, while the rear T3 signal pods feature super bright red LEDs for run and brake functionality, that also switch to amber when the turn-signal is activated. Unlike other switchback turn-signals, the T3s feature two separate rows of high-power single-colour LEDs as opposed to weaker bi-colour LEDs. The result is a shockingly bright light pod.

The T3s are available in a traditional turn-signal housing, however, the low-profile modular signal pod is designed to be mounted to a variety of other locations on the front and rear of the motorcycle. Dedicated front mounting kits allow T3s to be mounted to handguards, front fenders, and body panels, while rear mounting kits allow them to be mounted to cases, licence plates, and rear fenders.

SRP: From £99.99 (excluding VAT).

For more information on the full range of R&G products and dealer opportunities, contact Alan Garrett, UK Sales Manager, on 01420 89007, email or get in touch with your R&G sales agent.

Full product information is also available at

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