January 4th, 2022.

All Oxford paddock stands are engineered using the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling techniques. By being scientifically designed to minimise the required effort to move a given load, the new ZERO-G range of paddock stands literally take the weight off.

Even better, they are able to do this without weighing too much themselves, making them even easier to use and live with.

The average bike weighs 210kg split 60/40 front to rear. That means that a rear paddock stand has to withstand on average 84kg.

The world’s heaviest bikes - which aren’t paddock stand compatible - weigh over 400kg, meaning a rear paddock stand would have to withstand 120kg.

ZERO-G Paddock stands are all rated to 300kg, with a big safety margin. In Oxford's in-house tensile tester, all test examples have withheld at least 1800kg.

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