December 2nd, 2022.

RST has launched its 2022 Christmas Ad. In the 75-second video, RST raises awareness of the fact that, according to a recent YouGov survey, 36% of people plan to spend less time with loved ones this Christmas.

The video shows historical memories of a family celebrating Christmas from years gone by, filmed on camcorder, while in the present day, a Son leaves an emotive, pleading voicemail to his Father, ahead of their 'first Christmas without Mum', asking his Father to spend Christmas with the family.

The video ends in the present day with the Father, a Yamaha Motorcycle rider, getting onto his Bike and riding into the distance, towards his family, with the video finishing with the message 'Make the Journey'.

RST's Head of Marketing, Dan Holdsworth, said: ‘We really wanted to do something with a purpose this year. It feels like there are a lot of families that are planning to spend less time with loved ones due to many economic factors. This campaign encourages motorcycle riders all over the World to 'Make the Journey' and spend time with loved ones.”

See video 

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