November 4th, 2022.

Test by Liz Williams:

Segway, the iconic electric, self-balancing personal transporter manufacturer, has entered the UK's exploding electric vehicle market by introducing a range of pioneering E-mopeds and scooters.

Segway is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It has been leading the way in electric mobility for over two decades. Its new line-up of e-models is set to take the brand to another level of affordable, congestion-busting, environmentally-friendly ingenuity. And let's be clear; the Segways are all road-legal, modern/classic scooter designs, requiring a basic CBT licence and insurance - NOT the controversial, stand-on electric scooters that are so often illegally and dangerously ridden on pavements and roads without training, licencing, insurance or little care for other pavement and road users. Think of a re-styled Vespa or Lambretta, but with electric power equating to a 50cc or 125cc petrol-powered machine.

A fresh, modern look, bright colour options, lightweight frame, jump-on-and-go features, removable battery, and a keen price tag will help ensure the Segway powered-two-wheelers are an instant hit with learner and licensed riders alike. But, delve a little deeper, and there is far more to offer, with many tech-savvy details designed to keep both machine and rider safe with App-operated functions.

An Airlock system, activated via a mobile App, automatically locks and unlocks the scooter when the operator is within two to ten metres of the machine. That same App will provide data for each ride, show where the machine is parked, send an alert if the scooter is moved and provide tracking information.

Thanks to two high-performance sensors on both the seat and the parking stand, the Segway will actively judge whether it is safe to start riding or not. It will not move forward if, for instance, the parking stand is extended or if the rider isn't firmly seated on the vehicle.

Three models will initially be available – B110S, E110S and E125S – with achievable ranges of up to 60 miles and maximum power output of 3KW.

I enjoyed a few days testing the funky B110S and the more conventionally styled E110S models and came away converted to the joys of electric riding. Both models are user-friendly 'twist and go' simplicity; the right handlebar twistgrip controlling the speed, with handlebar-operated front and rear hydraulic brakes taking good care of the slowing-down function. Acceleration is brisk enough to stay up with stop-and-go town traffic, with the added bonus of it all being done in silence.

Recharging can be done with the batteries in place via a supplied charger that plugs into a standard three-pin socket, or the batteries on both models can be swiftly removed and charged in the home or garage.

Segway claims a 30 to 40 miles battery range for both models, which would seem about right as I did a little under 30 miles on both machines in and around town, and they still had some charge left.

I liked the funky B110S model, and it drew a lot of attention from teenagers. I can also see it being used as an off-highway transport option for event organisers, security and parking staff or venue management.

The more conventionally styled E110S is the more practical option, especially with its big storage space under the seat that easily swallowed a crash helmet or a bag of shopping. Very handy.


Segway B110S £2099 inc VAT and 2 year warranty
Segway E110S £2599 inc VAT and 2 warranty

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