August 3rd, 2023.

Electricity bills have certainly left their mark on UK small businesses this year. So much so, that in April the government launched an energy efficiency campaign to help drive down the energy costs small businesses were having to pay following a hike in costs.

Then, in May, the FSB urged energy firms to renegotiate fixed term contracts with small businesses after it was found up to 1 million UK small businesses were paying inflated rates after renewing fixed long-term contracts when wholesale prices peaked last year.

In any case, electricity is one of the biggest outgoings for any micro or small business.

The amount you can expect to pay for electricity varies, depending on the expected usage for your industry, location and at what time of day (or night).

When to look for an electricity supplier
The best time to look for a new electricity supplier is when you move into a new premises – which automatically puts you on an expensive ‘deemed’ tariff – or reached the end of your fixed term contract.

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