September 29th, 2022.

Sunra UK has completed an internal study of trying to better understand rider habits in a climate where the cost of living is ever under scrutiny.

In the study, the team looked at a variety of daily, weekly and monthly outgoing costs for typical users, understanding priorities and how users had rationalised their spending to fund or run an EV bike such as a Sunra.

Aside from looking at the cost of purchase, the team looked at the cost to recharge and run, providing very real-world insights into making the switch to electric.

Logan Black of Sunra UK commented, “It’s been interesting to learn more about the habits of our customers and at the same time look more at the affordability picture too. Not only do we understand our customer base better, but it’s been interesting to see how running and finance costs are considered alongside daily purchases, such as something as simple as a cup of coffee.”

Black continued, “Discussing how our customers use their bikes gave us a great insight into their habits, allowing us to look more closely into typical running costs. Based on an official government survey*, we were able to calculate 3300 miles as a typical yearly average for use in this segment, before looking at energy costs and real-world range to understand this better. Under current energy pricing, we found that an electric bike equivalent to a ROBO-S model can cost as little as £55 per year in electricity costs, or less than £5 per month for example.”

As well as looking at plug-in recharge costs, the team also considered general ownership, looking at finance too and comparable daily living allowances that customers make.

Looking at direct consumer outgoing comparisons further highlighted the low cost of ownership of two-wheel EV machines, with typical monthly payments sometimes half that of some rail travel cards. Even the comparison of a typical household outgoings, such as a satellite TV subscription were surprisingly similar too, with Sunra EV bikes available for as little as £77 per month, with sensible deposits.

“We were keen to make sure everything we looked at was comparable to real life”, added Black. “Finance is popular with our customers, so we looked at typical monthly costs based on our own program to understand comparable costs. The comparisons and consumer rationale, combined with impact in the rise of cost living, gave us some interesting insights that further demonstrate what exceptional value an EV two-wheeler brings.”

*Click here for government survey.

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