January 4th, 2022.

Sunra UK has today confirmed its intention to maintain its 2021 pricing structure until at least March 1st, 2022, despite the government’s announcement this week to significantly reduce the motorcycle plug-in grant with immediate effect.

Following the announcement, that impacts 50 and 125cc equivalent machines heavily, Sunra UK remains committed to providing its customers with a low-cost zero-emission solution to help reduce congestion in our already overcrowded cities.

Logan Black of Sunra UK commented; “Naturally we are very disappointed with the government’s decision to apply this change of grant to electrically powered two-wheelers. This announcement has been compounded by receiving no notice, leaving dealers and consumers confused. Whilst there is a degree of logic in reducing the grant incentive for high value electric cars, applying the same constraints to entry level EV motorcycles, like those of the Sunra range, appears to conflict with the grant’s original mission statement.

“We are however, committed to providing cost-effective, zero emission transport, and so we have decided to freeze recommended prices until at least the new registration change on March 1st 2022, subsidising the difference to make our products as accessible as possible to customers.”

Despite the government’s decision which has seen grants slashed from 20 per cent of the pre-grant purchase price up to a maximum value of £1500 for all electric motorcycles, to 35 per cent (max £150) on L1e Mopeds and 35 per cent (Max £500) on L3e Scooters, the Sunra range remains competitively priced, starting at just £2199.00.

The Sunra UK team remains committed to bringing truly effective, two-wheel EV products to customers and will continue to monitor the market and government policies to remain proactive in the market and deliver customers the best possible value.

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