October 7th, 2019.

The up-rated Blade 520SL, manufactured by leading quad and ATV manufacturer TGB, is now available from UK distributor Dualways and comes complete with electric power-steering.

The Blade series has been sold on a worldwide basis for well over 20 years, and the 520SL is the latest edition to the TGB brand’s hugely successful agricultural line-up of hard-working All-Terrain-Vehicles.

The 520SL boasts a long list of key features. It’s a bullish workhorse ATV most at home in challenging and hard-to-get-at agricultural situations, and so ideal for the UK’s unpredictable landscape and weather conditions.

Homologated as T3, which means it can be registered for road use, the Blade 520SL is powered by the tried-and-tested TGB 503cc high torque engine, and equipped with;
• Electric fuel injection
• Electric Power Steering
• 44hp (off-road)
• Digital dash
• 2WD, 4WD, diff lock
• Winch
• Tow hitch
• Tow capacity 850kg

Two-year manufacturer warranty
Colours: Grey

The Blade 520SL is quickly becoming one of TGB’s best-selling models this year.

SRP: £5899.00

Healthy trade margins available.

For full details and to discuss dealer open areas and profit-earning opportunities contact:

Telephone: 01623 708 607.

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