December 2nd, 2020.

Technology has transformed the way we do business. From bricklayers to software engineers, everyone can benefit from cheap and simple tools that build efficiency and save you money.

Here are five of the best tech advances that you can implement today to boost your business ahead of the competition.

DIY websites
Twenty years ago, near the start of the dotcom revolution, it could cost many thousands of pounds to create a simple website, but today you can create a brilliant, bespoke and unique website for free.

An explosion of website building platforms in recent years – from Wix to Squarespace to 1&1 Ionos – has created fierce competition in the marketplace, which in turn has reduced prices to rock bottom.

With user-friendly tools, these platforms allow you to create an elegant online HQ where you can show off your work, quote happy customers, give information about your service and your fees, and of course provide a means for people to get in touch.

There’s almost always an option to pay for extras, for example if you want better hosting, more bells and whistles or to remove the web platform’s own branding from your site, but even this is affordable in most cases.

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