December 22nd, 2021.

Dualways, the UK distributor of high-quality two and four-wheel youth machines, reports that it has received a delivery of its Amped, Mudrocks and 10TEN petrol and electric powered bikes, together with its new 10TEN quad.

Suitable for the youngest members of the family, the Amped electric balance bikes are available in two sizes; A10 and A16. Both models feature a new rear wheel hub motor which, with a centrally-located battery, means the weight gets distributed evenly, making the bike more balanced, with better traction, and is generally safer to ride. They are also equipped with Eco and Boost speed settings, allowing novice riders to ride at a slower speed, and then increase the pace once they are more confident. Colour options - red, black or blue.

SRP: £375.00 A10. £425.00 A16.

Something a little different for young wannabe drivers are the Mud Rocks Trail Blazer and Trailblazer 150 buggies, which are aimed at performance-hunters from the age of 10 years through to teenage and young adults. Both versions have electric start, are fully automatic, powered by a four-stroke single-cylinder, air-cooled engine and come fitted with all-round suspension. They have adjustable bucket seats, complete with four-point safety harnesses and a cargo rack. Colour options are – blue, red for the Trailblazer, and black or white for the Trailblazer 150.

SRP: £1699.00 Trail Blazer. £2499.00 Trailblazer 150.

On the 10TEN front, Dualways has secured units across the brand’s range of youth quad, electric MX, pit, supermoto and dirt bikes.

The latest addition to the 10TEN portfolio is the 110 RXR junior quad, which is powered by a YX110 engine to deliver steady and controllable power. It incorporates a fully-automatic transmission, and has an adjustable thumb-throttle restrictor and safety ignition cut-out lanyard, making it suitable for both novice and more experienced quad riders.

SRP: £1299.00

10TEN’s junior, youth and adult two-wheelers are now offered in a new and striking black/fluorescent-orange colour scheme.

The 10TENMX-E is the manufacturer’s first step into the rapidly growing electric bike market. Its user-friendly controls make it ideal for rookie riders seeking to ride a powered two-wheeler, without the worry of operating gears and clutch, or touching moving or hot parts.

The petrol-powered 50R 50cc is fitted with an electric start and automatic clutch. While the 90R and 90R Supermoto are semi-automatic, allowing junior rider to learn how to concentrate on riding and changing gears, without the concern of clutch control.

Moving up through the engine-capacity ranks, the 10TEN 125R and 140R models can be ridden by youth and adults and are great tools for some serious dirt track fun. The largest capacity machines in the 10TEN stable come in the shape of the 250R and 250RX. The 250R is equipped with a powerful air-cooled 223cc engine and five-speed gearbox. It has both electric and kick-start, plus fully adjustable front forks and adjustable rear suspension. The flagship 250RX is kitted out with a meaty four-stroke engine and bridges the gap between pit bike and motocrosser. Housed in a larger Chromoly steel frame, this is a full-size adult off-roader packed with high-end features, such as 21” front and 18” rear wheels, and a surprisingly low-price tag.

Pricing starts from £749.00 for the 10TEN 50R with incremental increases through to £2190.00 for the 10TEN 250RX.

All Dualways machines are sold with the assurance provided by a major, well-established distributor, a UK-wide retail network, full spares back-up and parts and labour warranty. All quoted prices include VAT.

To find out how to become a Dualways stockist, contact Drew Marshall at Dualways:

T: 01623 708607
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