January 31st, 2020.

MCIA RIDE and its predecessor, MCIAC, was created to raise the level of professionalism in the training industry and therefore give a better experience to those entering the world of PTWs for the first time.

After seven years, the MCIA RIDE team is proud of what has been achieved by the MCIA accredited training schools. During this time, it has received recognition and certification from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) for its business practices, and endorsement from the DVSA for delivering higher levels of training and customer experience.

MCIA RIDE believes that the aim of raising training standards through accreditation of effective business practices has been fully met, and the DVSA’s new compliance unit has recognised the need for this to continue. In the last 12 months, the DVSA has completed 165 compliance checks and this increased activity has resulted in the removal of more instructors’ licences and more training schools closing, than ever before.

As a consequence of the DVSA’s shift of emphasis, MCIA RIDE has undertaken a strategic review, which has determined that its focus should move away from accrediting training schools and instructors and towards alignment with the wider industry.

This will take the form of a code of professional practice, adherence to which will maintain the current range of benefits enjoyed by accredited training schools, via a membership scheme.

Additional strategic partnerships will also be formed with the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) and the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) to provide the best possible training and membership services to our members.

The new MCIA RIDE membership scheme will also provide exclusive member access to prospective new riders wanting to experience a PTW taster session via MCIA TryRIDE, as well as promoting the benefits of post-test training via building public awareness and acceptance.

Post-test training also forms a key part of the MCIA strategy ‘The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys’ which provides a focus on the future training requirements of Powered Light Vehicles. MCIA RIDE members will be perfectly positioned to meet this evolving need.

TryRIDE will also remain on offer at the NEC Motorcycle Live show which last year saw 576 new riders undertake a free ride and receive their first motorcycling experience. This resulted in 70 direct referrals to TryRIDE training schools for further training.

Commenting on the initiative, MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell said; “Most new riders first experience of motorcycling is their formal rider training where, aside from the normal fears and excitement of doing something new, their view of the whole PTW world can be influenced.

“MCIAC was created to ensure that these training experiences are positive, so it gives us great satisfaction that this industry initiative has been effective in raising standards. It is important that any initiative evolves to remain effective and we are confident that, with DVSA support, the programme will continue to assist the training industry and raise standards further.”

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