November 6th, 2019.

Bihr and MotoDirect have today announced that they has entered into an agreement leading Bihr to own 100 per cent of MotoDirect, the leading distributor of AGV, ARAI & Motul in the UK and owner of the RST and Wolf brands. As a result of this agreement, the current shareholders of MotoDirect will become shareholders of Bihr together with Alcopa and the management team of the company.

Bihr and MotoDirect issued the following statement announcing the new collaboration;

The objective of the transaction is first to further develop the RST brand across the globe. Both teams will develop best practices to become the leading and preferred Rider Gear product distributor in Europe. 2021 will see the expansion of the company’s motorcycle parts and accessories activity in the UK through the well-established distribution network of MotoDirect.

“Over the past three years, Bihr has been successfully distributing and promoting the RST brand in Continental Europe. During this period, we had many occasions to exchange ideas and business opportunities. With time, we realized how complementary our teams are and how they fit together. We are convinced this transaction will help the joint company to accelerate its growth” said Deborah Bullock who will join the Board of Directors of Bihr and act as a Senior Advisor to the Management of the Company.

“This is a logical step for MotoDirect” said Jonny Towers. “Bihr and MotoDirect have a lot in common: Together we are the proud exclusive distributors of Arai helmets and Motul in different geographies. Moreover, Bihr has supported the growth of RST in Continental Europe and I am convinced that, by joining forces, we will be able to accelerate that growth in Europe and beyond”, he added.

“We are thrilled to partner with MotoDirect” said Christophe Piron, CEO of Bihr. “With this transaction, the joint company not only becomes the leading distributor of Rider Gear in Europe but also one of the only integrated Rider Gear player from design creation to distribution including own production. This is an incredible competitive advantage that will help us keep the hand on the entire value chain; ensuring the quality of the products and smoothness of the delivery.”

In terms of organization, Jaimy Scevenels, VP Brand & Product Rider Gear at Bihr, will oversee the Rider Gear distribution activities across countries and entities. Terry Birtles, Managing Director at MotoDirect, will remain in charge of the day-to-day UK operations while RST Founder Jonny Towers will focus on developing the RST brand and act as a Senior Advisor to Jaimy Scevenels.

“Bringing both companies together will enable us to achieve the necessary scale to specialize our teams and dedicate a part of this sales force to our Rider Gear activities. The expertise gathered by the MotoDirect team over the last 30 years combined with the Bihr firepower on the continent will help us better promote the brands we are distributing and will help us better serve our clients”, said Jaimy Scevenels.

Following the customary Boards, General Meetings and supplier approval, the closing of the transaction is expected to be achieved by January 2020.

Pictured: L-R: Terry Birtles, Axel Moorkens, Deb Bullock, Christophe Piron, Jonny Towers, Jaimy Scevenels
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