October 25th, 2019.

Following input from the MCIA, PLVs have been included in the Mayor of London's ULEZ Scrappage Scheme.

The role of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) and other Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) in reducing transport congestion and subsequent air pollution has been well documented by the MCIA. The vehicles' physical footprint and low or zero emissions help counter the effect of single-occupancy cars and lightly laden vans on our cities. 

The benefits of PLVs are highlighted in the MCIA’s policy document The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys and have been at the forefront of the productive working relationship that has developed between the MCIA and Transport for London, and so the Association has clearly welcomed this latest positive action. 

Under the scheme, Londoners who received certain benefits are now eligible for a £1,000 grant when they scrap a non-ULEZ compliant PTW/PLV and purchase a new, ULEZ compliant PTW or PLV. If they scrap a non-compliant car, they can claim £2,000 against a new, compliant PLV or other eligible vehicle.

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